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Hostgator is definitely the best web hosting service on the internet. This web hosting service is perfect for both newbie and seasoned webmasters. Their service is top notch with no downtime and they are a very professional internet hosting service. They offer various hosting options that a newbie webmaster can choose from. Hostgator offers four different types of web hosting. They’re as followed:

1. Shared hosting plan

2. Reseller web hosting plan.

3. Vps hosting plan.

4. Dedicated server hosting plan.

Their shared hosting option has many plans from which a person can choose his favourite hosting as per his web hosting needs. For shared hosting hostgator offers Hatchling plan, Baby plan and Business plan. Hatchling plan is best if you have only one web site to host and you want to keep control on your web hosting costs. You can host only one domain on a Hatchling plan. This cheap plan includes single domain hosting, unlimited disk space,unlimited disk bandwidth and shared ssl certificate. This Hatchling plan costs only $3.96 per month paid for 3 years in advance. You can use a hostgator coupon code to save up to 25% on your hosting costs. I have posted a few hostgator coupon codes here in this site, you can use these coupon codes to save on your web hosting expenses.

Hostgator Baby plan offers unlimited domain hosting, unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. Their Baby plan has an advantage over hatchling plan as you can host unlimited number of domains for a little extra money while on hatchling plan you can host only one domain. Their baby plan starts at $6.36 per month if you pay upfront for 3 years in advance. 3 years hosting costs a lot when you have to pay for 3 years in advance but you can use this 25 % off hostgator coupon code ( 25OFFLATEST ) to save almost 80 USD on your hosting purchase.

Hostgator has another shared hosting plan called Business plan. You can host unlimited number of websites with their business web hosting plan. This plan offers unlimited domains, unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. If you have a lot of web sites to host then you should purchase this plan. Business web hosting plan normally costs $10.36 per month which sums up to a lot of money if you want to host your sites for long. Fortunately you can use hostgator discount coupon code 25OFFLATEST to save up to $116.55 on business web hosting plan.

Hostgator also offers Reseller web hosting service. Their reseller web hosting service is top notch and affordable. You can purchase reseller hosting account from them and start your own web hosting company. Reseller hosting costs about 25 usd per month for which you get 50 GB disk space and 500 GB monthly bandwidth, you can use this service to kick start your hosting business for cheap. Each reseller hosting account offers:

1. Unlimited domains

2. Unlimited Sub domains

3. Unlimited Email accounts.

4. Unlimited MySQL databases

5. Unlimited Cpanels, FTP accounts

If you are looking for reseller hosting package, you can use a hostgator coupon code to save up to 25 % on your reseller hosting bill.

This great company also offers free site builder software with each reseller hosting account, private name servers, free billing systems, free domain reseller accounts, 4500 free templates that you can offer to your customers. This account supports 22 different languages. They have free WHM software so that you can manage your reseller hosting service with easy; they offer free billing solution too. It is very easy and convenient to start your own web hosting service with a hostgator reseller account.

Hostgator coupon codes can be utilized to save money on their vps hosting plans too. just use the 25 % off coupon code listed in this site and you can use their vps hosting for cheap. Hostgator vps hosting is best among all vps hosting providers, not only their servers are fast and reliable they are cheaper than other hosting companies on the World Wide Web. Their awesome vps hosting package starts from only $15.96 per month. Hostgator offers nine different vps hosting options from which you can choose a package best suited to your personal needs. Their cheapest vps package offers 0.57 GHZ CPU and 384 MB RAM, 10 GB disk space and 250 GB monthly bandwidth. Their level 2 vps package offers 0.85 GHZ CPU, 576 MB RAM, 22 GB disk space and 375 GB monthly bandwidth.

Their level 3 vps hosting is both cheap and good enough for fulfilling your most vps hosting needs. Level 3 package offers 1.13 GHZ CPU, 768 MB Ram, 30 GB disk space and 500 GB monthly bandwidth. This package costs $31.96 per month then recurring $39.95 USD. Again you can use a Hostgator Coupon Code to save money on your hosting.

Hostgator customer service representatives are very cordial and friendly. You can use their real time live chat to talk to them if you face any difficulty with your hosting or if you have any queries. They have phone support too. Their customer service is best in the web hosting industry and you can use them to your advantage.

To keep an website online so that it can be accessed anytime, we need to host it somewhere. Typically that place is a server. Web
hosting companies provide those servers to their customers in exchange of money. There are many web hosting companies and they have various web hosting plans.

Hostgator is such an web hosting company which is not only very reputable but it is very reliable as well.This company was founded in Austin, Texas in the year 2002 by Brent Oxley. He is a former student of Florida Atlantic University. Recently this company has started its hosting business in India. Their india based website address is They have a support office and data center in India. They operate their India based business from Nashik, Maharashtra.

Many web hosting companies attracts customers by offering many discount coupon codes. Webmasters can save money by using coupon codes when they purchase their web hosting package. Anyone can save upto 25% on their server cost, which is really cool.

Hostgator is one of the most reputed web hosting companies that offer their customers with various coupon codes. These codes are called hostgator coupon code because they are offered by hostgator.